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6 Tips to Manage Client Complaints

As a Pillar To Post franchisee, you and your employees face a variety of risks each and every day. Despite how accurate and thorough your inspections, some clients may dislike or disagree with your findings. If they raise a compliant, prioritize addressing it, whether the complaint is exaggerated or warranted. A mishandled complaint can lead [...]

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Minimizing Auto Liability Risks

Running your Pillar To Post franchise requires employees to drive from inspection to inspection. As a franchisee, consider implementing policies and guidelines surrounding vehicle use. By minimizing auto liability risks, you can reduce the number of auto-related insurance claims filed against your business. Company Driver Guidelines As a franchise owner, you should have a clear [...]

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How to Handle Workers’ Compensation Claims

Despite how successful your risk management program is, your employees can still be injured. Whether they slip down a flight of stairs and sprain their wrist or are rear-ended on the way to an inspection, it is important to have a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy in place to protect your employees and company. Workers’ Compensation [...]

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The Importance of Professional Liability Claim Reporting

Incidents and claims happen. Handling them properly and reporting them quickly protects your business and saves money. If you are experiencing a professional liability incident, you should report it to your insurance carrier as soon as you are aware of an incident. Don’t ignore or conceal the claim. While you may hope it just goes [...]

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