As a home inspector, you’ve probably noticed that winter is a time when traffic congestion is at a peak but also dangerous. Parking lots are dark, roads are wet and icy and everyone seems to be traveling for the holidays. For those who drive for their business, it’s a risky time of year.

Follow these winter road safety tips for travel so that you can enjoy a safer season.

Check the Weather Before You Head Out

Whether it’s clear in the morning or ominously overcast, make a point of checking the weather before heading out for appointments. At this time of year, rain, sleet and even snow could be in your afternoon forecast.

Leave Yourself Extra Time for Travel

Both weather and traffic could impact your travel and cause delays. Try to avoid risky situations where you’re rushing to get to the next inspection site or back to the office on a tight schedule.

Prepare for Winter Travel

Restock your vehicle’s emergency kit with supplies for warmth, comfort and first aid. Keep the ice and snow at bay with an ice scraper, snow brush and a pair of recovery traction tracks.

Drive with Care in Parking Lots

Parking lots in winter and around the holidays pose many risks. Pedestrians, small children, distracted drivers, and cars battling for a good parking spot are just a few of the dangers. Remain alert, be courteous to fellow drivers and watch out for pedestrians.

Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully

It gets dark early this time of year, which could pose a safety risk if you’re returning to your vehicle after dark. If it will be after dark when you return to your truck, try to park in a well-lit and well-traveled area.

Get a Tune-Up Before the Weather Gets Bad

If harsh winters are common in your neck of the woods, make sure you get the truck serviced before it gets too cold. Check the tires, brakes, battery, lights and fluids. It can help you avoid breaking down, missing client appointments or having an accident.

Stay Alert on the Road

Stay alert and drive for the season. Leave yourself more time to react to winter weather and low visibility conditions. Be aware of the possibility that more drivers may be distracted or impaired this time of year, so drive defensively.


Stay safe this winter as you travel for your business and make sure you are protected in case of an accident or injury. Pillar To Post Franchisee Insurance Program offers Commercial Auto Liability that covers vehicles you hire, rent or borrow, plus vehicles owned by others. It’s everything you need to protect your business’ well-being.